Machupicchu Sprachkurse
Machupicchu Sprachkurse


After English, Spanish is the second most widely-used world language. In a relaxed atmosphere you can either learn the basics of Spanish, or improve your skills and expand your knowledge. MACHU PICCHU offers lessons where oral communication takes center stage. Through the use of a diverse teaching methods and up-to-date materials you will acquire quick and easy access to the Spanish language. In addition to texts by Spanish-speaking authors (newspaper articles, recipes, songs, etc.), we rely on the teaching materials by Klett and Cornelsen. During our courses, we will reference not only the Spanish of the Iberian Peninsula, Castillian, but Latin-American Spanish as well, so that you acquire a wide vocabulary and are well-prepared for a variety of situations where Spanish is spoken.

MACHU PICCHU not only offers Spanish for grown-ups, but for children as well. The preschool age is the perfect time to expose children to the Spanish language for the first time. If your child’s kindergarten or preschool doesn’t yet offer Spanish, please let us know. We will be happy to contact the institution to arrange for Spanish lessons. You will be compensated for your referral!

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